Write It and They Will Come

Think big concept, presenting with businessman growing sprout of tree and expect for bigger tree. Simple character design.

Let’s face the reality. Some people get a lot of breaks because of their contacts, they are in the right place at the right time or they lead a charmed life . Unfortunately, waiting around for Lady Luck is not an option for most people. I believe in the power of hard work, appropriate risk-taking and being open to learning from failure.

When I finally decided to commit time to fiction writing, I had already expended considerable effort to learn about the publishing industry and try to understand how commercially successful authors create and market their books. I continue to attend workshops about story structure. I have a stack of books about writing that I return to on a regular basis.

Equally as important as the recognition that it takes time and practice to refine one’s skills (in any field) is my decision to pursue a personal goal of discovering my creative side. I want to make a difference with my words. I am challenging myself by trying something new.

Thinking big with the aid of visualization helps. What will the cover of my bestseller look like? How many cities will I visit on my book tour? Who will play my main character on the big screen?

I credit my dad (now sadly passed away) for always encouraging me to push ahead. As a risk manager, I am accustomed to forecasting the worst outcome. With writing, the downside seems minimal as long as there is a willingness to put pen to paper, edit as often as is needed and accept constructive feedback without taking it personally. The upside is a chance to connect with interesting people in real life and in my imagination. The doors to new possibilities are wide open.