After seeing “The Big Short” a few days ago, I am still mulling over scenes of stressed out investment managers and profit-driven bankers. As someone who worked on multiple Wall Street trading desks, I winced at the “101 finance” explanations but wonder if they are helpful to someone who works in another field. From what I’ve read about the movie, narration by a central character was likewise intentional on the part of director Adam McKay. His goal was to put the audience at ease about “complex” and “very serious” topics (my quotations). I like Ryan Gosling, the actor who talked to viewers, but kept thinkingRead More →

          It feels good to have wrapped up an eighty-seven page book proposal tonight. It’s been hard work but I gained a lot of helpful insights. By researching the sales history, price points and distribution channels of competitor books, I was able to add to my sales plan and better understand what potential readers need and want. The more I wrote, the more excited I became about the gigantic potential for a book and related products based on my many years of experience as a trader and forensic economist. I’m still working on my first thriller novel in between work projects. TheRead More →