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Know How to Sell Your Ideas






It feels good to have wrapped up an eighty-seven page book proposal tonight. It’s been hard work but I gained a lot of helpful insights. By researching the sales history, price points and distribution channels of competitor books, I was able to add to my sales plan and better understand what potential readers need and want. The more I wrote, the more excited I became about the gigantic potential for a book and related products based on my many years of experience as a trader and forensic economist.

I’m still working on my first thriller novel in between work projects. The muscles I’m developing by writing fiction are somewhat different from writing non-fiction but the need to tell a good story is common to both endeavors.

I keep thinking about words uttered by bestselling author Michael Lewis about his book called The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.  Instead of writing about the arcana of high finance, he wove a story about risk-takers with notable eccentricities. By focusing on the engagement factor, he taught his readers about the credit crisis and sold a lot of books at the same time.

Having spent time in that world of multi-million dollar deals and bumping up against genius oddballs, I’m inspired to educate, entertain and have some fun.