I agree with Stephen King’s statement: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” I read as often as I can, starting with a few morning papers. Throughout the day, I peruse at least two or three short investment industry articles and spend about an hour watching snatches of business news during work breaks. My bedtime treat is a chapter or two of a good “whodunnit.” Lately, I’ve become a more active reader in search of plot and prose. When I read a new word or a catchy phrase, I circle it inRead More →

I’ve spent the last week knee-deep in research for my soon to be finished book proposal and a draft literary agreement from a successful agency. Fortunately, there are lots of articles about contracting, courtesy of generous editors, publishers and writing consultants. My biggest stumbling block right now is whether to commit to a single firm for all of my future works rather than signing on the dotted line for one or two imminent projects. My preference, based on years of experience as a start-up company CEO and later on, a consultant, is to start small with someone and grow the relationship over time. This approachRead More →

It’s such a joy to look up from my desk every once in a while and catch a pop of pink, red, yellow, purple, white or green. I vary the colors of flowers I buy and try to feed my floral fix every week. It’s a little way to reward myself for hard work done and more to do. When I attended a writer’s event a few months ago, I asked the panelists about where they write and whether they exercise. My goal was to understand how accomplished authors stay productive or disconnect from the word game when they need to lessen stress. Not surprisingly,Read More →