Young reader

Courtesy of my good friend and fellow bibliophile and author Charlotte, I learned about a great website today. It’s called Word Spy. If you enjoy discovering interesting ways to combine letters, check it out.

One of the selections on its “most popular” list is a new one for me – nerdku. It’s defined as a haiku with “a scientific or technical theme” or one “that relates to a work of science fiction or fantasy.”

Read about the more traditional Japanese offering of haiku at, the website for the Academy of American Poets. These three-line poems with five, seven and five syllables per line, are fun to create. I gave it a twirl about ten years ago for my Pension Risk Matters blog. See what you think about my efforts to call attention to the retirement crisis.

“Pensions are crucial, People are not saving much, Will we always work?”

“Governance is key, Bad decisions cost money, Who will take the blame?”