Mark Schiff Watercolors

As many writers, musicians and artists attest, getting started is the key to giving voice to your desire to inspire others. If you don’t begin somewhere, you’ll never move forward. As I discovered this evening during dinner with a good friend, a fellow yoga student is walking this walk in a big way.

Meet Dr. Mark J. Schiff – painter, credentialed restorative dentist and a true role model when it comes to the “just do it” philosophy. As Mark explains in an interview, his encounter with artists while traveling in California in the early 2000’s was the jump start for a blossoming career as an artist. Since he decided to go for it, he has won awards and had his work showcased by the Agora Gallery in New York City.  A local showing in Connecticut begins on September 9. Click here to view his many “Paintings from the Heart.”

According to a recent video, Mark “finds inspiration in love” and seeks to display “the beauty in the world.” He encourages others to embrace the child within who wants to create and does so freely, without worrying about being judged.

Besides the lovely colors and designs he shares with us on canvas, Mark shows us all that a willingness to try is an essential first step.