In 2017, I Paint With Words, LLC launched its first imprint. Centered on all things inspirational, Happy Day PressTM launched with its first offering – a book about kindness to one’s self and others. Entitled The Big Squeeze: Hugs & Inspirations For Every Grown-Up Who Loves Teddy Bears, author Susan Mangiero combines photos with memorable text to create a sweet and uplifting gift book that invites readers to ACCEPT that everyone has ups and downs, CELEBRATE triumphs, HEAL the hurts, LOVE one another, SHARE the good times and bad and TRY new adventures when it feels right. Every page is designed to generate smiles and to offer a relaxing break from everyday stress. The Big Squeeze is a great gift for anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, engagements, holidays, promotions, weddings and any time a hug is welcome.

Other books and products are in the works to spread the “happy” and give readers a literary cupcake, a break from everyday stress and a chance to grin or laugh out loud.