Unlikely Friends Not every princess had a pet spider but Sarabeth was special. The spider’s name was Sam and he spoke four languages, at least that’s what he told her when he visited every Halloween. “It’s not a trick. I study hard, little girl.” “You’re a silly spider Sam.” She handed him a china cup filled to the brim with warm apple cider. “What is this? It smells good.” “It’s my special potion. Cinnamon, love and acceptance.” “You’re my pal Sarabeth, despite our differences.” “You mean because I live in a house and you live in a cobweb?” Sam laughed.Read More →

Spring is here,  bringing new flowers and graduation ceremonies. To celebrate, check out my Kindness Tips poster entitled “Life Success 101: Ten Tips to Help Graduates Reach Career Success by Developing a Kindness Habit.” For many more inspirational tips and fun photos, order The Big Squeeze from Amazon. It’s affordable and makes a great gift. Reviewers agree. The Big Squeeze is “charming,” lets you “laugh out loud,” offers a “happiness vacation” and inspires and motivates.    Read More →