In a recently reposted essay, Joel Friedlander of book design fame extols the virtues of utilizing snappy photographs to grab readers’ interest. I heartily concur. In my eleven years of blogging at Pension Risk Matters, followed by Good Risk Governance Pays and now I Paint With Words, I have included an image in nearly every write-up. A visual can sometimes be more evocative of an idea or feeling than words alone. A selection can enhance the central message even when it’s not directly related to the subject at hand. To reinforce my commentary about building trust, I embedded an illustration of a giraffe atop an elephant with the latter walking acrossRead More →

As someone who has been blogging for ten years, I always like to reference earlier posts when discussing a topic that has evolved over time. The problem is that I have written in excess of 1,200 commentaries for Pension Risk Matters and Good Risk Governance Pays and it is not easy to search by key words. Yes, one can sort archived posts by month, year and topic but it takes time. Enter BlogBooker, a service that allows you to quickly convert your blog posts (including photos) to either a WORD file or a pdf file. Kudos to BlogBooker for such a wonderful service and thanksRead More →